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Friend lives in suburban Maryland, when power goes out her power goes out it goes out for days - as in they are due to get power back on Sunday. Neighbors got power back yesterday.

Her questions:
1. Dear LazyWeb, Anyone have any strong opinions about generators (brands, things to look for/avoid)?

2. I was toying with the idea of a non portable, natural gas fueled generator cause it seemed like less hassle. Thoughts?

Any responses appreciated!
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Why “Shooting from the Hip”? Because this is all based off a single read through, and I don’t attest to it having any sort of deeper attempt to understand the underworkings of the system. Instead, it is my initial impression.

tl;dr version: A work of love, it suffers for being the first work; however, these small flaws give it some appeal, and if nothing else, it is an excellent tool kit for running a space game that leans more towards Firefly and less towards Star Wars or Star Trek.

Let us begin at the beginning, continue through to the middle, and finish at the end.
Geesh this got long )
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I picked up Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies (S7S), on a semi-whim because Evil Hat productions had a limited run hard-cover edition, and I happened to have the right amount of money sitting in my gaming book budget, and no new Changeling books that I hadn't preordered till after July.

So I took a chance.

7th Sea, eat your heart out.
Part 1: Review of the Setting )

When I next have time - a discussion of the system. Part II (where I do an overview of mechanics) can be found here.

Edit: Unlocked as per [ profile] chadu's request.
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